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School Portrait Photography  

School portraits are important for the image and reputation of the school.  

Our experience and system allow the day to run smoothly.  Our ambition is to reduce the school's administration, take portraits that

parents love and produce images that represent your school.

We offer a range of different styles to suit your school, with the latest ordering technology.


Natural photographs in an outside environment or in a suitable location within the school premises.

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Contemporary images for in an eye-catching and fun style

You can choose between traditional backgrounds, white or inside locations. 

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Our System.

We use the latest software to enable the shoot to run smoothly and quickly and reducing administration for the school.

Here's how it works:

  • Before the shoot the school issue us with a CSV file containing names and UIN's of each pupil.
  • We input this into our software that then generates a QR code for each student.
  • On the day of the shoot, the students can come in any order to have their photograph taken.
  • They are then photographed with their QR code to identify them and also a series of portraits without.

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  • When we load the images onto our computer system the QR code automatically recognizes the code and puts all the images of that student into a personal folder for that child.
  • A proof card is then made for that student with a unique log-in code.

proof card sept 16proof card sept 16

  • Parents can then order a variety of photo packs, mix packs or order a wide variety of products either via the proof card or via the internet site.
  • Orders are delivered to the school all on one day or directly to the customers' house.
  • The school also receive an administration CD containing all the students ID photographs which are correctly identified for your school's software ie SIMMS etc.
  • Staff can also log on to the system to make 'class maps' and groups which are printable. 

Class montageClass montage

We would be pleased to hear from any school no matter how small or large who are interested in individual portraits, team, class or group photography.

Despite being based in Shropshire we offer this service to all schools throughout Shropshire or further a field.

Our photographs can also be supplied for simple integration with school management systems.

You may also be interested in our 'Hero' photographs which are great for recognizing, rewarding and publicizing outstanding achievements.

Follow this link for more information. Green Screen  

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Does your school require Group and Team Photographs? Please follow the link for more information.