Gary Williams Photography | Photography for School Prospectuses

Photography for School Prospectuses, Websites and Marketing.

Photography for schools prospectuses is a specialist area.

I have an enhanced DBS check allowing me to undertake this work.  

Having worked within schools for numerous years I now fully understand what is required to create successful photographs that can be used in a marketing role.  

Firstly the day should be well planned to take into account many different aspects of academic, practical, sporting and pastoral themes. Time is very precious within schools and I can help with the organisation of your day to maximise my time on site.

Photography for schools prospectuses has to combine many elements.  


  1. The students and end photographs must look as natural as possible.
  2. Students should look relaxed, engaged in their subject and happy.
  3. Attention should be paid to the pupil's attire.
  4. All safety measures should be adhered to especially in science and practical lessons.
  5. The technical aspects of the photographs should be correct, well composed, well lit, with good direction.
  6. Lastly, but arguably most importantly, the photographs should have meaning and relevance.

I strive to achieve all of these elements and more in my photographs, making them perfect for advertising use.