Business Head Shots

The studio is bought to your workplace... 
A great head shot cant be underestimated. One of the main uses is will help eliminate  the anxiety of making that all important initial contact and its importance can't be underestimated.  It's important that your portrait fully reflects your role, conveying you as a confident and approachable individual, and I will help you achieve this.
  • It's a well known fact that 'people buy from people' so ensuring that you are represented at your very best on the internet or literature is crucial.
  • Using a professional Head Shot can help set you apart from your competitors it shows you are professional and approachable.
  • A great Head Shot can make the difference between a potential customer making making contact with you or simply moving on to the next supplier. 

I bring together all of the essential ingredients needed for a great head shot;

  1. Clean lighting 
  2. An uncluttered background,
  3. Excellent composition
  4. But most importantly of all YOU looking your very best.

Working for large organisations and photographing large quantities of people all in one day;

We employ a system that allows us to take photographs of hundreds of people in one day by using a QR code. Each person is photographed using a QR code, our computer program then automatically puts that person photograph into a personal folder which is named after the subject making life easy for HR departments to upload the photograph.

And it couldn't be easier, everything you need is bought to you, lights, background (and even make-up artist if required). For large corporations we supply a timetable, we'll even teach you how to smile like a model!
DSC_2373Male commercial portrait DSC_2385DSC_2385
Of course all head shots don't need to be so official, sometimes a more relaxed approach is more suitable.
DSC_7118DSC_7118 DSC_6978DSC_6978 DSC_6795DSC_6795
The same set up can also be used on locations for photographing small groups for illustrative purposes.
Commercial Portraiture can also incorporate elements of a relevant background.
DSC_2584DSC_2584 DSC_2565DSC_2565
Portraits and headshot for aspiring actors and performers can look elegant against a black background.
DSC_6869_pp copyDSC_6869_pp copy DSC_6900_ppcroppedbwDSC_6900_ppcroppedbw
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