Aerial Photography for ANY Commercial Requirement.

drone functionMultiple Uses of Drone Surveying

Aerial Photography will quite literally bring a new dimension to any mapping or surveying project. Using 'state of the art' Drones and Software various data sets can be extrapolated from a flight. Please see below a brief overview of what can be achieved.

This can include the following:

Orthomosaic Mapping

Orthomosaic MapOrthomosaic Map

Orthomosaic Mapping is the starting point for any project. The drone follows a flight plan overflying the subject area taking a sequence of photographs at set points. These are then stitched together to create a fine detailed map of the area.

NDVI Mapping (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) for farming.


NDVI is a simple metric which indicates the health of green vegetation. It compares the reflected intensities of near infrared (NIR) and visible light (see here for a more detailed explanation). In the above photograph the dark green areas clearly show the densest areas of vegetation growth and the red areas show the areas with little or no vegetation.

Many different visualizations are explored on my page Agricultural Surveying.

Elevation Mapping

Aerial Photography elivation mappingAerial Photography elivation mapping

Elevation Mapping is useful for easily and clearly defining the rise and fall of the land and objects within your mapped area.  

This viewing platform is also useful for calculating volumes and fill levels to 2% accuracy.

Volume calculation in elevationVolume calculation in elevation

We create a surface from the vertices of the polygon (the places you clicked when defining the area). This surface is intelligently created to match the surface of the surrounding land, meaning we're able to compute accurate volumes even if your stockpile is large, and resides on a hill with some curvature.


3D Modeling.


This is one of the most amazing features of the software. It allows you to visualize the terrain from any angle and take a virtual walk through the site.

3dmodelzoomedin3dmodelzoomedin The powerful software allows you to zoom in and explore the site in fine detail. This can be done in a realistic visualization or as a modelled view.