Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography.

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DJI_0075Aerial Photography for farms

Shooting air to ground photographs and aerial footage can add a new dimension to any publication or production.

I am pleased to provide Aerial Photography for:

  • Publications
  • Video
  • Estate agents 
  • Golf courses 
  • Building projects 
  • Mapping and Surveying
  • Flood Plane Risk
  • Agricultural Surveying
  • Schools and Estates
  • 3D modelling of sites
  • Roofing Surveys


Rest assured I've got all the legal requirements covered!

  • Fully Insured for aerial work 
  • Fully qualified with a CAA Licence - Permission for Aerial work (PfAW) 
  • Icarus Qualified
  • Professionally Qualified Photographer ABIPP
  • Operating manual

 Our procedures are in place to keep you safe and ensure that all legal requirements have been met.

Pre-flight surveys

  • Pre-flight checks including NOTAMs and regular weather checks(1 week prior to flight, 1 day prior to flight and on the day
  • Risk assessment
  • A sensible approach to Go/No Go flight on the day to keep everyone safe.


How high can you fly? - The drone is capable of flying to 2500 ft however UK law limits Drones to fly to a maximum height of 400 ft.

How far can you fly? Drones are capable of flying to distances of 2.5 km however, UK law limits safe use to 500 m within line of sight

What is the video formats? We shoot video footage in the most commonly used format of 1080p

What is the resolution of the stills photographs? Stills photographs 12mb file sizes and can be recorded in in RAW or JPEG

How long can you fly for? Batteries limit sortie times to to 18 minutes per flight. I bring several batteries on a job and can also recharge on site.


DJI_0097 copyDJI_0097 copy

Useful for frontages that are otherwise obscured by fences.


Beautiful Images of Country Estates.


Ideal for showing size and proximity to arterial routes and landmarks.


A unique view of facilities and features.