Gary Williams Photography | Aerial Surveying of Rooves, Historical Buildings and Hard to Reach Areas.

Case study of Post Repair Conservation Work on an Historical Building Using Drone Photography.

Carrying out inspections to grooves, spires hard to reach areas and historical buildings can be an expensive and trouble some task. 

Providing high quality aerial photography and video footage of these sites can save time money and much disruption. IMG_9926IMG_9926

Providing areal footage can see into hard to reach areas without the need or disruption that expensive scaffolding or cherry pickers can entail.

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Aerial photography is quick, relatively simple and can provide information on the state of masonry, flashing and roof tiles.

DSC_4665DSC_4665 Aerial Survey of Much Wenlock PrioryGary Williams with Permission for Aerial Work PFAW, full Aerial Insurance and ICARUS training.

Having all the necessary qualifications and insurance policies to undertake such work I will be pleased to offer any advice and free consulation prior to undertaking any aerial survey work.

This will include all of the relevant preflight checks to insure that it is both SAFE and LEGAL to carry out Drone Surveying. 


In this survey post repair the quality of the masonry work can be seen as provided for Recclesia Ltd.

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