GMW Photography: Blog en-us GMW Photography (GMW Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:00:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:00:00 GMT GMW Photography: Blog 90 120 Commercial photography on location with challenging lighting problems DSC_6243DSC_6243 This above scene shows the location of the cranes using mainly ambient light, we tidied up as best as we could during a break before the shoot.

I was recently commissioned to undertake a commercial photography project for a well respected crane manufacturers in Telford, West midlands. 

The brief was slightly tricky as the equipment wasn't brand new as it so often is. Further to this it was installed and was currently being used in a busy factory setting. 

The difficulties this posed was that the subject looked lost amongst in the factory setting.

So donned with all the relevant hi-vis safety equipment glasses and safety shoes I explored different ways to create interesting photographs that allowed the cranes to actually stand out in the setting. It wasn't easy as the factory was a busy working environment and we didn't want to either get in the way of the work which would have made our visit unwelcome.

I decided we had 3 options available to us. 

  1. Photograph the equipment using a combination of ambient lighting and portable flash units (as shown above),
  2. Use ambient light plus the use of selective colour in photoshop in post production techniques. Making everything else black and white all apart from the actual cranes. DSC_6256 copyDSC_6256 copy
  3. Use flash lighting to isolate the subject to make it stand out. Effectively irradiating the ambient light and substituting it for flash light. This was the most labour intensive solution but one I felt would be of the most use to the customer allowing them to create eye catching commercial images for use in adverts, press and their website. The results can be seen below. DSC_6319v1DSC_6319v1
  4. Some subtle shading was employed in photoshop to further enhance the photographic effect. DSC_6432 copyDSC_6432 copy
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Schools prospectus Photography Photographs of your school play a key role in your marketing strategy, getting it right is crucial. 
School prospectus photographySchool prospectus photographyPhotography for schools prospectuses, schools marketing and websites.
It’s that time again, the prospectus needs updating and the Photographer is booked and due to pay a visit. As always it’s been met with moderate hostility by the teaching staff and some unlucky soul has been delegated to chaperone the photographer round on a fantasy timetabled schedule. 
I’ve been a photographer now for some twenty-err-humm years and photographing schools for marketing requirements for the last ten. During this time I have learnt much about the pressures and expectations of working with schools. It’s unlike any other area of work that I undertake. Over the coming issues I will be giving some insight from my experiences (both good and bad) from the other side of the lens, on how to achieve photographs that are honest, accurate, relevant and aspirational.  
Great marketing originates with great planning so let’s look at this from the grass roots up. 
This starts with the schools admissions policy. Ensure you have an ‘opt OUT’ policy regarding publicity photography. In my experience asking anyone to make a special effort about anything will result in a low return. Therefore asking them to ‘opt out’ suggests that anything other than participation is not the norm. Equally asking parents to opt in will require the same effort and low results. So make sure you have the correct policy in place. 
Speak to the photographer or agency prior to the visit to discuss your expectations and even the style of photographs that you like or want to represent your school. Sound obvious? You will be surprised at how often this does not happen, you must remember that photography is a totally unique art form and not all photographers are the same! How one photographer portrays a subject might be completely different to the next. 
Of course the object of the photography is to market the school to prospective parents. To achieve aspirational images, I have found a candid approach with the photographs taken during the actual lesson provides the best results. However, there is always a degree of subtle staging and direction required and the skill is to seamlessly combine staged and natural photographs. 
One week before the photographer arrives, ensure that all teachers and staff are briefed that the photographer will be on site and consider what will make a good photogenic lesson be it sporting or academic. Bearing in mind it is important to get a good mix of practical and theory based lessons. 
One day before ensure that the students are briefed about conduct towards the photographer and that strict uniform policy should be observed, especially over break and lunch times. 
Teachers also need to be briefed that they will be expected to be photographed. Needless to say some teachers don’t like being photographed. On occasions I have had the odd teacher publicly announce, “I’m not being in any of the photographs!” 
The student teacher interaction photographs are crucial to marketing, so teachers make sure you are ready! Besides, having your photograph taken isn’t that bad, (and can actually be quite fun). Putting these few steps in place will put you on the right track to improving your school photograph. 
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Corporate Event Photography I photograph Corporate Events throughout the West Midlands, Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Shropshire.

Companies spend a lot of time and money on these events and often want them photographed so that the images can be used for marketing purposes, they are great for PR for the Company and something  for them to blog about? 


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Photographing at Westminster Abbey for their school Prospectus School prospectus photography

I was really excited when I was asked to photograph Westminster Abbey Choir School for their new school prospectus. What a fantastic setting for school prospectus photography! Nick and I are enjoying working on the prospectus design which we will hopefully completed  soon.    

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Grocontinental Livery Design - Triathlon in a Box! I have worked with Grocontinental for several years now, photographing for calendars, websites displays and all forms of promotional material. But their latest project takes on a whole new dimension!To produce a graphic that is 16.5 meters long and 2.5meters high!


Grocontinental are in sponsorship of a series of Triathlons and wanted a Lorry livery to portray their involvement. We came up with several ideas, but the one that that caught every body’s imagination the most was a triathlon taking place in the back of a trailer unit! The idea being that it will look as though the curtains are being pulled back on a taught-liner (canvas sided lorry trailer), but the graphic will actually be pasted on to a hard sided trailer.

The result will hopefully cause viewers to do a “double-take” as the lorry drives past.

A graphic of this size takes on all manner of difficulties. Firstly it cannot be photographed in a single picture as the image would break up and pixilation would occur. Therefore it needs to be photographed in several stages and digitally stitched together.

Each piece needs to be meticulously analysed and scaled correctly to fit next to the preceding photograph.

The trouble with doing this is that the cross members change in perspective so the whole of the ceiling needs to be digitally reconstructed to give a singular view point. The other problem is that each picture will have slight “Barrelling” due to the edges of  each photograph are slightly further away from the camera than the centre of the picture, normally this is not noticeable, but when producing an image of this scale any anomaly will be magnified for the world to see!

After a chilly mornings shoot, some very brave people wearing not-a-lot in a very chilly haulage yard meant that we had the raw ingredients to piece together our graphic. Please see my artists impression below...

We have witnessed Grocontinental achieve some  Phenomenal  successes over the last few years, winning Haulier of the year twice and being runner up in the Livery Design category of the awards. Well, I think this is their bravest effort yet, so good luck and who knows...

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Bromley Court, Ludlow The wonderful Bromley Court, Ludlow.

What a wonderful place to stay if you are visiting Ludlow. It's within easy walking distance of the town centre, and the accomadation is wonderfully cosy. Simon offers a fantastic breakfast, I particulay enjoyed taking the food photography for him and his tasty, locally sorced and ethically sound food!

Thanks for asking me to come and take some photographs's, we are looking forward to staying over soon and enjoying another wild night out with you guys! 

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Does Social Media work?

Please search for me using the Terms "wedding photographer shropshire" to see if we can raise the ranking!

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wedding photographer shropshire wedding photographer shropshirewedding photographer shropshire


Christmas has passed and seems like an etrnity ago! This time of year wedding enquiries for weddings in Shropshire and Birmingham are comming flying in thick and fast!

So I thought I would share this cautionary tale for would be brides...

Last week I received a referal from a fellow shropshire wedding photographer who was booked but had seen a bride. Unfortunately I couldnt make the date either. She was very upset and was starting to feel that all of her first choice photographers were booked.

I fully commend brides to shop around,  keep their options open and check out different photographers. But sometimes decisions are neccessary.

Thankfully, this doesn't happen that often. But there are still leasons to be learned.

Wedding photographers and suppliers only have only a finite ammount of wedding dates to sell through out the wedding season, (May to October). Once these dates have gone, they have gone!

When ever brides come to see me I would never try and hard sell a date, and always tell them to go and have a chat about it with their fiancee, but not to take too long before making a decision.

My advice to any would be bride that is getting married on a main weekend in peak season would be these 3 things...

1. If you find somebody who's work you like

2.If you like them

3.If they are within budget...

make the booking.

Holding on to try and save a few £'s or just not committing could result in disappointment.


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Key Theatre Academy Website goes live! Photography, Graphic design and Website Design in Shropshire.

We are really pleased to be involved with this fantastic new theatre academy run by high profile,  West End Professionals Christopher Key and Lucy Key.

We were able to involved with this start up venture with cost effective photography and full graphic design support including;

  • On Location Commercial Photography
  • Poprtrait photography
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design and Build
  • Poster design
  • Flyer design
  • general marketing support...

Please visit their new website

We are proud to now send the website live and in time honoured tradition...'Break a Leg' guys!

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Theodora and Demitri on the Front Cover of The West Midlands Wedding Magazine. Theodora & Demitri Wedding Greek Wedding Photography in Birmingham.

I had a great time with Dora and Jimmi on there Wedding day. I don't think Jimmi was over keen to go in to the centre of Birmingham to have his wedding photographs taken, but I knew it would be worth it!

Dora and Jimmi held their Greek Wedding in Birmingham at Holy Trinity and St. Lukes Greek Orthodox Church. We stopped off in Birmingham City Centre for a wirlwind photoshoot before dashing of to an amazing reception at the National Motor Cycle Museum. 

Taking Wedding Photography in the centre of Birmingham is one of my favourite locations. There are some superb backdrops and you can get really creative, (time allowing). Please follow this link to see some of their photographs and the album design.

I hope you have a great life together guys and enjoy this little bit of fame and fortune to start you off!

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Autumn family Portraits in Shropshire.

The handsome Steel Boys!

I love this picture the guys look like fashion models! It was a tough day to take portraits with no cloud cover and a very low sun.

We managed to find some shade and the backlit leaves look great as a background.

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